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Cecelia Gleason & Taylor Koepfle — Minted

Cecelia Gleason


Taylor Koepfle


Charter Bus Transportation and Road Closures

There is an art festival occurring Saturday that will result in some street closures near St. Mary's on Friday. Magnolia Ave will be closed. This is the street that the church is located on. The cross street Hemphill should be open. Many cross streets will be blocked near the church. Please allow extra time for detours if you plan on driving or Ubering to the ceremony.

We have a charter bus that is making two trips from downtown to the church and back for anyone that would like to take it. The charter bus, will be departing downtown from Kimpton Harper. Parties will be assigned either Trip A or Trip B. We are working to spread the word but please reach out Cecelia or Taylor if you plan on taking the bus so we can assign you a trip and ensure all wishing to take the bus have a seat.

Departures from Kimpton Harper

Trip: A - Departs at 2:20

Trip: B - Departs at 2:50

Two return trips will be made to Century Hall after the ceremony.

Parking Garage at The Century Hall

Garage parking on event day is located at 733 Throckmorton St Fort Worth Tx 76102.

You will drive in on Throckmorton St and exit on foot to Century Hall on Houston St. After you park, here are a few different ways you and your guests can register your garage parking:

1. Scan the QR Code on the side of the garage after parking.

2. Text “P1250” to 504504 and you will receive a link to begin the process.

3. Download the Premium Parking app.

Once you and your guests get to the checkout page, you will Apply Promo Code: GLEASON and will receive free 24hr parking.

If someone does end up paying for the garage parking, they can download the app and apply the promo code to be refunded.

Getting Around Fort Worth

Our venue is located in Downtown Fort Worth. Much of downtown is walkable. Molly the Trolley is available to take you around if preferred and drops off at every hotel downtown. Uber and Lyft are easily available to access other areas. There will be a parking garage available next to our venue the night of the wedding if you plan on driving.

Child Care

Although we love your children, unfortunately we are only able to accommodate children in the wedding party at our reception. Infants under 12 months are welcome. If anyone needs help making arrangements for child care, please let us know and we will do our best to assist.


DFW International Airport is the closest airport to Fort Worth. Dallas Love Field is another option that isn't much farther!